Embark with me as I share my thoughts about the sights, sounds and experiences while I travel.

I like the challenge of learning new languages, immersing in coffee culture, discovering quirky cafes and eating my body weight’s worth in food. Also live and breathe music and singing, and there’s no better way than through travel.

Recent Discoveries

Thursday Thoughts #1

Music and singing is a huge part of my life. During my darkest times, they were my one saving grace. Without it, I wouldn't be here, let alone as the person I am today.

Blacks and Blues

I’m a massive night owl and I usually love this aspect of myself. However, on nights like those over the last week or so, it can also be a curse.

Expectation and Anticipation

When reflecting on goal completions for the year gives you the kick up the backside that you need. And highlights how much we need to maximise the precious commodity that is time.